CD Projekt Red pushes a new update for CyberPunk 2077 to solve crashing and performance issues

Frankly speaking, CyberPunk 2077 might have been the most awaited game for the year 2020 and had huge expectations as well, but the inability of the game to play in its full glory on PS4 and Xbox One X left the users disappointed. The game had a lot of performance, crash, and lag issues when it comes to playing it on the last generation consoles. As per the developers, the game was only created and optimized for the latest generation consoles like Xbox Series X and PS5 and on these consoles, the game ran absolutely fine and without any hiccups.

Now, CD Projekt Red has unexpectedly released a patch for the game much earlier than expected, which is the version V1.06 to address the game issues where it was crashing for console owners. The updates fix for PC owners as well, where they were unable to use the saved game properly. The announcement for the update was made on their official CyberPunk feed. The developers had just released the hotfix v1.05 a few days back and it was expected that the new update could take months. It seems like the developers have been continuously working on making the game better over the period of time using these updates so that it could improve the game performance.

The changelog of the updates mentions, “improved memory management and stability, resulting in fewer crashes.” It also mentions, “removed the 8MB save file size limit” to avoid the PC save file issue. Although the game had to go through a lot of negative reviews because of the bugs and issues that revolve around it, the developers have tried to fix most of the issues using the updates and it does fix a lot of problems in reality as well, making the gameplay a lot better. The developers are also working on two major updates for the game and an add-on gameplay mission for campaign players.

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