Xbox Game Pass might add Ubisoft Uplay+ games soon

For those who are already playing Xbox consoles, do know about the Xbox Game Pass feature, which is a paid subscription and provides access to some of the most exclusive and paid games without having to buy them. Microsoft has been trying to expand the reach of Xbox Game Pass so that more and more features could be added to it. In the same attempt, the company will be adding more gameplay options like they added EA Play in the past. The details given by Jez Corden of Windows Central, claims on Twitter that Xbox Games Pass will now have access to Ubisoft’s UPlay+ as well.

Now Microsoft already has different types of subscriptions for the users like Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, etc. However, Xbox Game Plass Ultimate provides the users with all of this subscription as well as access to Xbox Game Pass for PC, EA Play, and access to Xbox Cloud gaming service. Now the new addition of Ubisoft Uplay will give more reason for the players to get the subscription, especially the Ubisoft game fans. The subscription allows the users to pay a monthly fee for which they can download free and latest games on the console for free and the list keeps on updating and new titles are regularly added.

As per the leaks, there is a very strong chance the Ubisoft Uplay+ can arrive very soon on this platform. It is expected that Microsoft is currently in negotiation with Ubisoft regarding the terms and conditions of bringing the services to their platform and soon we will be able to hear the announcement for the same. In the meanwhile, it’s not just Ubisoft UPlay that Xbox has been trying to bring in, but the company is already working on a lot of other developments as well to expand the reach for players so that they can enjoy a complete gaming experience available through all gaming companies.

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